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Gratitude List from Weekend

Busy, less sleep than I expected. No nap, and no to do list items done, but there were a good deal of things to be grateful for this weekend.

    1. The Rain Stopped

    After a few days of rain and clouds, we got a sunny day. Yesterday was glorious.

    2. MIL's Lunch

    My MIL wanted to thank folks from church who have been helping her out since she hasn't been able to drive. We pulled off a post-church lunch for folks, with all three daughters in town - the wife, one sister from Boston, and the other from Arizona in town for a high school reunion.

    And we surprised the MIL with a "91.5" birthday cake at the same time. She would always plan to be out of town traveling on her birthday.

    3. Friday Football Game

    Pretty much a blowout, but both teams were well-behaved and played hard. And, no serious injuries.

    4. Rutgers Football Won

    I went to Rutgers. Yeah, they only beat Wagner, but in past years they'd lose to lesser teams. When I was an undergrad, they almost beat Alabama when Alabama was rated #1. Then lost the next week to, I think, William and Mary... ouch!

    5. Major Task Completed

    Mom's grave stone engraving - the siblings agreed to it, and we sent payment to get it done.

    6. Anniversary Celebrated

    It was the wife's and my anniversary yesterday (23). With church, the MIL's event, and visiting with the SILs, it was a busy day, but the wife and I, with our son, the MIL, and one SIL, went out to a nice dinner at the site of our wedding reception. Been going there every year, so we continued that nice tradition.

    7. Work Fundraisers

    We sponsor a 5K run. This was the first since the lockdowns. Attendance wasn't great, and it was misty rain, but some good exposure for our agency. I also got a lot of steps in when the boss and I walked the course to put down markers for the runners.

    8. Puppy Housebroken... Sort Of

    We've basically learned his signals, so at home we're doing pretty good. But, as our dog trainer said years ago, you have to train the behavior everywhere you go. We took him to the MIL's house to visit with her and the SIL's, and despite taking him out at least four times, he managed to sneak into the sun room to make a deposit. Hard to be mad at him when he's this cute...


    9. Hung the New Vacuum Cleaner

    Wife wanted a fancy Dyson, so we got one. And hung it where the son said the wife wanted it hung. OK, job done. Then the wife said, no, I don't want it there. So, we'll move it, but grateful both the wife and the kid like the new device. Why am I grateful? First, the wife is happy with her new toy. Second, the kid thinks it is cool, and actually did some vacuuming outside of his room... which I'll be quite grateful for if it continues.

    10. The Jets Didn't Get Blown Out

    Stayed up way past my normal bed time to see the Jets lose by a field goal when I expected a full on blow out. So, maybe they'll have a chance to make it to .500 this season.

    For a frame of reference, I am old enough to have seen them win the Super Bowl in 1969. And not get truly close since.

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