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Gratitude list PLUS a regular list 221105

The number in the title is a computer-friendly way of showing the date: YYMMDD. That keeps them sorted alphabetically in actual chronological order.


    1. New guitar!

    It has been so long since I played, I actually lost my calluses. That was unthinkable until the last few years. I have been wanting a nylon-string guitar for awhile to ease my way back in, since playing the steel-string guitars I already have is too painful. My wonderful wife took me to a guitar store last night and we came home with one. Yay!

    2. Ebooks.

    I prefer print books. But just now I needed a particular book that I either didn't already own or couldn't find the physical copy of. I don't lose ebooks.

    3. Chocolate cobbler.

    There always has to be at least one food item on my gratitude list. It's amazing to me that I can just go to the store and buy one of these, an entire cobbler for less than the cost of making one, and less than the cost of buying one slice at a restaurant.

    4. My wife's electric wheelchair.

    She had a manual wheelchair for several years, but her arthritis made is so she couldn't push herself. So I provided the push. That was killing my back and knees. When she got the electric, I benefited as much as she did. I don't hurt so much, and she is much more independent.

    5. That there's no law requiring 10 items, even on a list like this.

    I understand the reasoning behind 10 items, and I agree with it. I'm just grateful that on those rare occasions I'm in a hurry, I can go for a lower number without getting fined or arrested. Like today.

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