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Great interview questions to ask

These will be a mix of likely questions you will be asked, and questions you can ask in return

    1. "What is your greatest weakness"

    Consider walking out if you hear this; it is so cliched and scripted, it shows how little effort the interviewer is willing to put into finding the right candidate. There are no great answers to this one; I've used "chocolate" as a somewhat flippant answer.

    2. "What is this company's greatest weakness"

    Only use it if you hear #1. This is the revenge response, though the answers could be illuminating.

    3. "Describe a typical day in the life of a [position you are applying for]"

    This will give you an idea of what your workflow will be like. How much time are you in meetings for? What tools are you using?

    4. "Why are you leaving your current position?"

    Or if you're not currently employed, why you left that position? You need to be able to answer this - they want to know if you were fired with cause, or if you had a workplace conflict in your previous position that could spell problems at your new job. Are you easily bored or dissatisfied?

    5. Ask about turnover at the current company

    The corollary of #4. It's always nice that a company is hiring, but if they can't retain staff, it could be a red flag.

    6. "Describe a situation where you overcame a workplace conflict"

    You should expect this one, it can show teamwork skills and interpersonal skills.

    7. "What are the possible long-term career paths or advancement tracks for this position"

    They're hiring now to fulfill an immediate need, but is this the kind of company that thinks strategically enough to know where you might be headed if you make this company part of your long-term career?

    8. "Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years"

    The corollary to #7. You should have an idea whether it's reasonable to be in the same position, or a more senior position with higher daily responsibilities, or leading a team or whether there is a lateral move you could make within the same company.

    9. "Describe the performance evaluation process at the company"

    Are there formal reviews? Are they mandated and done on schedule? Is there a peer review element or just your management? Staying at a company means knowing where you stand and having access to feedback.

    10. "Is there a training mandate?"

    Ideally, there is a policy that says you will receive X hours of training annually so you know you can advance your skills. The training should be paid for by the employer, obviously.

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