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Great things that have happened this month

23 is my lucky number (along with 25). So how lucky has it been so far? 


    1. My friend lives

    My friend tried to take his life on new years, but fortunately he got help quickly and as a result he's still with us. The hospital sent him home yesterday so really happy about that. 

    2. New holiday with friends

    The flight to our original holiday had been cancelled, but we managed to arrange somewhere even better. Great location and hotel looks amazing. 

    3. Applied for uni

    And I've already got an interview lined up. Not really got a choice, but return if I want to teach. It offers me a good carrier path. Looking forward to teaching again. 

    4. Nights out with friends

    Nights out have been fun. Hopefully they continue to awesome. I'm going to a wrestling night tomorrow with the gang. Should be a good night. 

    5. Sun

    There's been more sun in the last few days. Always nice to see. 

    6. Reading

    I'm reading around 10 pages every night (more if I enjoy the book).

    I've finish 'lives of the stoics' and 'the Expectation Effect' this month.  Both very good books. Highly recommend. Currently reading 'wisdom of psychopaths'. Not a g huge fan. I thought I'd learn different ways of thinking /acting, but so far it's just been a lot of talk on what a psychopath is. 

    7. Animation

    I've started animating one of my comics. I'm not sure how it will turn out, but I'm enjoying the process. Love animating.

    8. Comic

    I've started to draw out panels for Popeman. It needs a lot of work, but it's nice to see it slowly coming together. 


    9. Day out with friends

    I had lunch then went on a road trip with friends yesterday. Nice to hang out again. 


    10. Qualified to push a trolley safely

    I got training at work and now I know how to push a trolley safely. 

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