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Habits to build

I recently go fascinated by these books that help you build a and track a habit. Tis the season I guess. These are ideas of what habits to build and track with such a book. Either make one myself or buy one.


    1. teeth brushing twice a day

    2. flossing at least once a day

    3. writing

    4. some kind of exercise

    Last idea list has ideas of what exercises to try

    5. a step towards making money

    Figure out how to quantify what this means and a schedule. Example - today I wrote an email for a lead, or today I billed a client, or today I researched how to do a thing, and try to do it every day or a certain amount of times a week.

    6. effort

    Quantify a unit of effort, make a goal of doing it once a day and keep track of that effort unit was.

    7. 10 ideas a day


    8. self-care

    Quantify a unit of self-care, make a goal of doing it once a day and keep track of that unit was.

    9. meditation

    10. maintenance

    Quantify a unit of maintenance, make a goal of doing it on a schedule and keep track of that what I did. By maintenance, I mean "crap I don't want to do but is important"

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