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Hairstyling with James

Hairstyling tips from James Altucher

    1. Don't use a brush

    Never use a brush. Never. Never. Never. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever use a brush to style your hair. EVER!

    2. Use your fingers

    Use your fingers to style your hair. Use them like an artist would use his or her fingers to make a masterpiece out of his or her hair.

    3. Use the "three point" method

    First, part your hair in three places (top middle, bottom). Then take each section and twist it as tight as you can and then release it so that it pops up in the air (like in the picture). Then take each piece and smooth them down with your fingers so they are even and flat on your head. Sometimes I'll do this at night before I go to bed so the next morning my hair is perfect for when I wake up.

    4. Comb over

    Part one side of your hair over to the other side of your head and comb that part straight back using a comb or even just with your fingers if you have enough hair on that side of your head. Then part the other side of your head over to the first side and do the same thing there but with slightly less hair going back because otherwise you might look bald on one side of your head if you have too much hair going back on one side.

    5. The "two by two" rule for ties, shirts, pants, shoes, etc...

    Always wear four items of clothing AT THE SAME TIME that are exactly two colors apart from each other (examples: blue shirt + red tie + tan pants + brown shoes). This way you will always be perfectly dressed no matter what color combination is around you because all four items will match perfectly with everything else around you.. Of course, if someone is wearing green pants then don't wear green shoes but instead wear black shoes which will go with both green AND red AND blue AND yellow AND white AND etc...

    6. Two words for men: Sideburns + Mustache

    For men, always keep some sort of facial hair above either sideburns OR a mustache OR both (if you want to look extra manly). Never shave off all facial hair unless you are getting married or going into business meetings where looking like a rebel might not be appropriate (in which case get rid of all facial hair except either sideburns OR a mustache OR both). I personally like having a bit og a goatee but never more than that since I think having too much facial hair looks weird unless you are an actor or comedian or something like that.

    7. Wavy Hair = Flat iron + Velcro rollers + Frying pan = Perfect Hair!

    If you have wavy/curly/frizzy/ then here's how to get perfect straight flat-ironed looking locks every day without spending money on expensive flat irons: First, buy velcro rollers at any drugstore (the kind used for perms). Buy some cheap non-stick frying pans at any store and buy some cheap velcro strips (the ones used for hanging posters) and stick them onto the frying pan so they hold the velcro rollers in place while they are frying in hot oil (you put oil in pan first before turning stove on high heat). Then take those rollers and put them into wavy/curly/frizzy/ while they are still wet from showering and let them fry for about 10 seconds until curly locks become straight locks . Take out rollers, dry off excess water from curly locks , fluff up curls with fingers ,and voila ! Straight locks without spending hundreds on
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