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Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo

My wife and I watch some of these before bed. The plots are always low-stakes, and it's generally light-hearted enough that it's a nice fuzzy feeling at the end of stressful pre-holiday evenings. We've noticed some very common elements to all of them, and while the movies are a little on the boring side for me, I keep myself entertained by informally counting how many of the following cliches show up during the course of the film.

    1. New York City

    Someone's leaving the Big Apple behind for a small town where they celebrate Christmas *right*. Bonus points if it's a lead character's hometown, or if someone says "but my life is in New York"

    2. Baking Cookies

    One of the ways characters bond in these stories.

    3. Hot Cocoa

    The other method of bonding.

    4. Abandoning the Corporate World

    One of the characters will be coming from a high-powered, fast-paced lifestyle where the bottom line rules. See #1 & #7.

    5. Best Friends to Point out the Blossoming Romance

    #4 and #10 (with some of #7) will lead to conflict between the leads - but said conflict is mostly fought through playful banter. The best friends of the leads will point this out in private conversations, even though it is glaringly obvious to all, including the audience.

    6. Making Snow Angels

    Less common than #2 & #3, but another semi-romantic, fun, Christmas bonding activity.

    7. One of the Leads Is Not Into Christmas

    This is part of how they are charmed by the small town (see #10)

    8. Single Parent

    The other lead will show their worthiness by being nice to the kid.

    9. Dead Spouse

    Finding love again is a Christmas miracle!

    10. Small Town Economy In Danger

    This is usually solved by some compromise between the leads, especially by blending the lessons of #4 & #7.

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