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Hat design's

Some new Ideas for my website -

    1. Pins

    I designed pin ideas a few years ago.  They went nowhere, but I think I could update them for hats.  Most don't fit the self developed theme of my site.  Maybe I can make a happiness collection.  Happiness is important.

    Or I could do a gratitude collection and base designs off thing's I love.

    2. Short quotes

    Longer quotes won't work, but if it's only a few words I could make some nice designs.

    3. Popeman

    People are loving my story of Popeman and Choirboy.  Maybe I could get a few designs made based around that.

    You can read the story here -

    4. Bird logo

    I could update my bird logo to look a little more stylish and less cartoony.  I think that a sleeker design will earn more respect from customers.

    5. Names

    I could make designs around the Stoics names.  I don't know if walking around with a 'Seneca' hat would be appealing, but I can test it and hopefully I'll develop even greater ideas when I do.

    6. Song titles

    Song titles are short and meaningful.  I could use these as a starting point for new designs.

    Eg. The big sleep (Streetlight Manifesto) could lead to a nice momento Mori design.

    This is the most promising Idea so far.  I can do a lot with this.

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