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Healthy Ways Of Coping With Stress

Stress is one thing you should look out for in your everyday pursuit of success. It creeps up on you and when not careful, can hinder you from achieving your goals.

Like machines, your body needs constant maintenance to be in good working condition. Without it, there's a high chance of breaking down.

Stress in itself is not a bad thing. It is simply a distress call from your body saying, "I am overwhelmed."

It becomes bad when you ignore that call.

What are the best healthy ways to cope with stress as an Entrepreneur?

    1. Create time to Unwind.

    You expend a lot of physical and mental energy during the day. Without having time to rest your mind and body, you are bound to burn out.

    One good way of relieving stress is by engaging in leisure activities. They are called 'leisure' because unlike work, they don't expend energy instead, make us feel rejuvenated.

    "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

    You can decide to work during the weekdays and rest on weekends. Or you can decide to take a full day off every week to unwind. Whichever.

    The most important thing is that you have a time where you are free from the burden of work and life.

    2. Schedule breaks in between tasks.

    Apart from creating time to unwind, short breaks in between tasks can help your body prepare better for the next task.

    You can decide to take a walk, listen to music, chat with a friend, e.t.c.

    3. Take Breaks from News and Social Media.

    If you are observant, you'll notice that spending a lot of time on the news or social media adds to the stress.

    Yes, it's good to be current. But too much of everything isn't good.

    The bad news you hear, and the pressure from the 'fake' and 'exaggerated' life people portrayed on social media are a source of stress.

    It is healthy if you take breaks from them.

    4. Eat healthily

    Healthy eating cannot be overemphasized. Like a machine, if you don't feed the body with a balanced diet, it will break down when you ride it hard.

    Your health should be a priority. Junk food is not the way to go.

    Eat good food, drink a lot of water and eat fruits.

    5. Get Adequate Sleep.

    Research has shown that those who sleep longer at night are more alert and productive during the day.

    I know that success stories of people with sleepless nights are the trend.

    But come to think of it, those same people would have more productive days if they started it refreshed and well-rested. Compared to when they started were worn out and sleep-deprived.

    Those success stories teach sacrifice. I'm sure they're a lot better things you can sacrifice than sleep.

    6. Exercise regularly.

    Another way to relieve stress is by exercising.

    During exercise, the body releases endorphins, a hormone that helps fight stress and keep you healthy.

    7. Meditation

    Meditation is a practice that helps calm your mind, gives you balance, and improves your mental and emotional wellbeing.

    It has been practiced for thousands of years with tremendous results for thousands of people.

    You can do the basic one of sitting still for a short period, say five minutes, and taking note of your breathing pattern.

    It calms your wandering mind and helps you appreciate the present.

    8. Talk to Others.

    Talking to people about your source of stress helps relieve that stress.

    Not only does it help you get it off your chest, but you can also get advice from others on how to deal with that situation.

    Choose the right person (Safe people), but let them know that you are stressed

    9. Develop a positive mindset.

    Worrying about what could go wrong every time would cause you stress.

    Negative thinking and attitude is a rot that weakens your mind and body.

    The cure is having a positive mindset.

    Yes, things will go wrong. But why focus on them when you can focus on the things that go right?

    Positive proclamation, positive thinking, positive attitude are great weapons in fighting the negative effects of stress.

    10. In summary,

    Working from day to day comes with a build-up of stress. Events in our lives that are traumatic also contribute.

    Dealing with stress before it causes more harm to us is imperative for productivity at work and happiness in general.

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