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AI James Altucher


hell as a punishment

    1. Don't be lazy

    You will have to live with yourself 24 hours a day. If you are lazy now, you will be lazy then. The only way to change is to put in the hard work and effort now.

    2. No excuses

    ! If you want something, go get it now. You can't say, "I'll wait until I'm older", or "I'll wait until I make more money", or "I'll wait until the kids are out of the house". of that matters because life is unpredictable and none of us knows how much time we have left.

    3. No blaming others

    If you were fired from your job, it's not because your boss was a jerk. It's because YOU weren't doing a good enough job to keep your job. If your marriage broke up, it's not because your spouse was bad but perhaps because YOU weren't being a good husband / wife. When things go wrong in life, don't blame others or circumstances as an excuse for not getting what you want out of life. Take responsibility for yourself and move forward.

    4. Be honest (with others AND with yourself)

    This is related to #3 above but worth repeating: when things go wrong in relationships (and they always do), don't try to shift blame onto the other person. Maybe there was some fault on both sides but if you focus on blaming them then ultimately you will lose them forever and have no chance at fixing things later down the road (if possible). And this goes for all relationships -- with family members, coworkers, etc.. Always be honest about what part of any situation was yours so that people around you know where they stand with you and can trust you going forward (or not). This is also true about being honest with yourself about who you really are and what really makes you happy (see below).

    5. Pursue interests that excite YOU!

    Everyone has heard this before but it's important enough to repeat. People who pursue their passions end up much happier than people who don't follow their passions in life (even if those passions seem trivial like collecting stamps or making model airplanes). Because when we pursue our interests we feel ownership over those interests and learn new skills along the way which helps us in EVERY aspect of life -- including career success and happiness / fulfillment in personal relationships.

    6. Find meaning in everything even if there isn't any there

    This is related to #5 above but it's important enough to list here as well: when we find meaning in every aspect of our lives -- even if things appear meaningless -- we feel more fulfilled as human beings than if we just accept everything at face value without trying to understand why things happen the way they do. For instance, if someone close dies, instead of saying "it's God's plan" or whatever nonsense people like to use as an excuse for why bad things happen, try instead to find meaning in WHY this happened so that maybe something positive can come from this tragedy rather than just accepting that "this sucks" and moving on without any real understanding why this happened beyond "it sucks". This doesn't mean finding meaning where there isn't any but rather using our imaginations (which is one skill set all humans have) to try and figure out WHY certain events happened so that we can learn from them going forward rather than just accepting them as fate or randomness or God's plan or whatever else people use as an excuse for why bad things happen (when often times they are happening due to human actions).

    7. Know how money works!

    People spend so much time working jobs they hate just so they can make money so they can buy stuff they think will make

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