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My name is Jason and I have been a fan of James Altucher since I listened to his book "Skip the Line." I figured it was about time to put myself out there and let the ideas flow. To start, 10 ideas for software projects to tinker with...

    1. Engineering Project Estimator

    I work as an estimator. The computer should support the decision process that I use in order to win more jobs and make clear the areas that need more attention from myself or other experts.

    2. Home Bar Code Reader

    I never know what is in the pantry and I don't really want to go digging through it. There is potential in an app on my phone that scans a product's bar code as it goes into or out of my pantry.

    3. Options Trader AI Game

    Options trading sounds intimidating. Let's make it more clear by laying the ground rules with software then training an algorithm to run scenarios. Then let me play against the computer so that I improve as rapidly as possible.

    4. AI Board Game Trainer

    I have always loved board games, especially long war games. I don't always have someone to share that interest with. So as above, let's train an algorithm and play against it to my heart's content.

    5. Finance Balancer

    I want to give an algorithm simple input like what I spend my money on and what I owe and let it show me scenarios where I could be saving money or what I should pay down first.

    6. Business Analyzer

    There are some rules that people have written about what makes a company financially sound. Form the rules into code and let algorithms run with it.

    7. Investment Analyzer

    Same as above really just switch investment for business.

    8. AI Composer

    Take all the music that you find particularly pleasant and feed it into an algorithm. What comes out, I imagine is something that seems to be written just for you.

    9. AI Writer

    Take all the writing that you love and perhaps things you have written yourself and train a language model on that data alone. See what comes out. A perfect writing partner perhaps?

    10. Sports Prediction Engine

    I know very little about machine learning and even less about college basketball. However, I have improved my bracket accuracy every year since I started playing around with that data and algorithms. I like were this is going.

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