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Help Me Come Up With Ideas For A Solo Travel Meetup Group

Off the top of my head so beware

    1. Become your own Tour Leader / Arranger

    Do all the planning and legwork to take a group of solo travelers to wherever. Figure out the cost / person. Add 10-20% for your work and see if there is interest.

    2. Monthly Dues

    Each member would pay a nominal monthly fee / month and in return receive a curated newsletter with upcoming events, meet ups, packing tips, networking ideas, etc.

    3. Offer to be the +1

    Everything from hotel rooms, to taxis, to cruise tickets, are more expensive if you are traveling solo. Provide yourself as the totally invisible, platonic, +1 to save on costs. Not sure how much this service is worth though.

    4. Merch

    Like the stereotypical bowling league. Imagine hitting the town with everyone wearing jackets emblazoned with "We're the One"!

    5. Host dinner parties

    If not at your place then rent a venue. Have it catered. Have entertainment. I suggest dancing. And take a percentage of each ticket to cover your work.

    6. Create a unique blog or webpage for your group

    And then use affiliate programs to monetize the website.

    7. Write a Premium post on NotePD full of your ultimate solo travel tips

    8. Once you have your MeetUp group tours, excursions, etc.....

    Make sure you are writing and photographing them so the material can be used for future newsletters, advertising, testimonials, etc.

    9. Is this two different markets? More?

    I'm assuming that there are folks who are solo travelers by choice and there are those you would love to find a traveling companion. Maybe take any of the ideas above and create a version focused on each type of solo traveler.

    10. Think of Yourself as the Event Organizer / Promoter.

    That probably covers several of the ideas on this list.

    11. Good Luck and be Sure to let us know how it works out.

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