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Help Me Decide My Next Life/Career Move

Many people who say they're from New York mean Manhattan. I have lived in Manhattan, and I also lived on Long Island, and I also lived in upstate New York. Those are three completely different places so for the sake of discussion I will assume that you live in Manhattan. You also don't mention any family obligations so I will assume you are single and can move.

the first 5 suggestions are for how to stay: the next 5 will be for where to go.

    1. Get a job as a property manager or superintendent

    Free or reduced rent

    2. Cut your expenses to the bone

    No vehicle. Walk everywhere. Get a job where you can get fed at work: I washed dishes at a good restaurant and got a good meal every night.

    3. Get roommates

    4. Become a landlord: start small by renting an apartment and sup-letting to your roommate to cover your rent

    5. Couch surf/live with friends or family

    6. Move to a city in Eastern Europe

    It is an urban environment and the cost of living is far lower than NYC. There are also many opportunities to teach English 

    7. Move to a city that has fallen from grace in the US

    Many cities have fallen from grace but have lots of upside and a passionate local community. Detroit and Cleveland come to mind but Also many industrial cities in Pennsylvania would fit.

    8. Work on a cruise ship or at a resort

    Free housing and food. Save some money, see the world and plan your next act.

    9. Work on a large project like the Olympics or World Cup

    Possibly put up in a city 

    10. Look at cities in Africa or South America for opportunities to live

    Thanks to satellite internet and better power many locations will leap from third world to first world lifestyles

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