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James Altucher


Here are ten scientific theories, once commonly accepted, that are no longer valid. What will be the next to drop?

Stolen from Brian Keating at this tweet: https://twitter.com/DrBrianKeating/status/1661151985914236928

    1. Geocentrism:

    Geocentrism: The belief that the Earth is at the center of the universe, with all celestial bodies revolving around it. 3.

    2. hlogiston theory:

    2. Phlogiston theory: The theory that fire is caused by the release of an element called phlogiston.

    3. Luminiferous aether:

    3. Luminiferous aether: The concept of a hypothetical medium through which light waves were believed to propagate.

    4. Caloric theory:

    4. Caloric theory: The idea that heat is a fluid-like substance called caloric that flows from hot to cold bodies.

    5. . Ptolemaic system:

    . Ptolemaic system: A geocentric model of the solar system proposed by Claudius Ptolemy, which included epicycles to explain the motion of planets.

    6. Vitalism:

    Vitalism: The belief in a vital force or life energy that distinguishes living organisms from inanimate matter.

    7. Steady-state theory:

    Steady-state theory: A cosmological model suggesting that the universe is continuously creating matter to maintain a constant density as it expands.

    8. Spontaneous generation:

    Spontaneous generation: The belief that living organisms can arise from non-living matter.

    9. Miasmatic theory of disease:

    Miasmatic theory of disease:The theory that mental faculties and personality traits can be determined by studying the shape and bumps on the skull.

    10. Miasmatic theory of disease:

    Miasmatic theory of disease: The idea that diseases, particularly infectious ones, are caused by noxious or foul-smelling gases or "miasmas."

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