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Here's What You Think About Yourself (Part 2) - Trapped 2:16 sec read


Part 1

    1. When you believe something is true about yourself or the world you think you see here's your approach.

    You'll build a case (just like a good attorney) around why the belief you hold is true.
    You will go to great lengths to prove why your beliefs are true.
    It doesn't matter whether the beliefs are in accord with Creation or not.
    Haven't you noticed when you believe something is true how everything in your world (sight, sound, taste, smell, and feelings) seems to corroborate your beliefs?
    This makes it easy for you to hold onto the belief.
    You believe this gives your beliefs "substance."

    2. You throw away everything and everyone who is contrary to the beliefs you hold in your mind.

    You are the stubborn one no doubt.
    You have decided that your story and beliefs about the world are true and you'll be damned if anybody messes with your story and belief system.
    You'll justify to yourself why a belief that differs from your own simply cannot be true.
    Your mind is like a digestive system that has consumed a considerable amount of food. It will strive to eliminate anything that does not align with it.
    You discard everything that is counter to your beliefs and hold onto everything you believe supports what you believe.

    3. Your convictions confine you within the fortress of your own construal.

    It would seem that you would be thrilled to discover all the awful things that you fear that you have done are hogwash.
    All the damage that you fear you have done hasn't done anything.
    Nothing has gone wrong as a result of your beliefs.
    Everything about you is still pure and holy as God created you to be
    Light, joy, innocence, and peace do indeed abide in you now this minute.
    Not later, not when you "self-improve", but right now.
    The picture you hold of yourself, this ego mind, is nothing but all of your beliefs that were formed at a very early age.
    All of your defense structures are there to try to keep you safe.
    But these defenses can not withstand the Truth, the will of God is, of course, the Truth.
    The reason for your reluctance to acknowledge this truth about yourself may be that it contradicts the self-image you presently have.
    You don't believe you are holy and sanctified.
    We somehow have convinced ourselves this pathetic little self we created would be destroyed.
    Well, it's not going to be destroyed, but it's going to be seen for what it really is ---- a hallucination.
    I'm going to share with you an example as to how nothing dies or nothing is destroyed. (but we will do that tomorrow because your mind is overtaxed right now)
    I hope this idea brings you nothing but the peace of God.
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