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Collin Harness


High Paying Jobs Without A College Degree

College is become less and less important in the corporate world.

There will always be jobs where you will most likely need a college degree: lawyer, doctor, accountant, engineer. You need that degree, because the government requires licensing to be a part of that profession. Those will always be high paying jobs.

But what if I do not want to go to school for 12 years to become a doctor? Because I do not like medicine or science.

Most jobs in the corporate world you can learn how to do without going to college.

Start building your skills. Get real world experience. Find a mentor. Work hard and keep upgrading your salary or start your own business.

    1. Electrician

    2. Plumber

    3. Sales Rep.

    4. Truck Driver

    5. Real Estate Agent

    6. Railroad/Electrical repair person

    7. Commercial pilot

    8. Petroleum Refinery Operator

    9. Software programmer

    10. Project manager

    11. Postmaster and mail person

    12. Small business owner

    13. Insurance appraiser

    14. Farmer

    15. Database Administrator

    16. Cybersecurity specialist

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