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Holiday reasons to be thankful

I have always found the holiday season to be stressful, because there are so many more tasks that we have to do beyond the normal day to day. But there are so many more reasons to be thankful.


    1. Health

    I am a fairly young health person that can exercise and do physical activity.

    2. Family

    I still have 2 parents that are healthy and I can enjoy.

    3. Home

    My home is pretty nice and cozy

    4. Busy

    There are a lot of things on my list to accomplish and even though it gets me stressed out sometimes it is a good sign I want to accomplish a lot.

    5. Read and write

    I always include this on my thankful list, because it seems so basic, but it has such a big impact in my day to day life.

    6. Technology

    It has given me so much and continues to help me in my life.

    7. My bed

    I have a huge bed that is really comfortable. I love sleep.

    8. My dog

    He is super cute and sweet and reminds me all the time to take of someone other than myself

    9. Gifts

    I should get better at giving different people gifts.

    10. Hair products

    My hair can get wild. Thankfully smart people have created products to tame it.

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