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Holy Relationships: Undoing Specialness. (2 min 31 sec)


    1. The ego's perspective on specialness.

    The ego seeks to make specialness real by valuing certain relationships, people, or things above others. It believes that by making someone or something "special," it can find meaning, value, and fulfillment outside of God. However, this is an illusion that only perpetuates separation and lack.

    Specialness is a defense against God's oneness and love. It is a way of maintaining individuality, which leads to guilt, conflict, and suffering. Special relationships are based on the ego's need to get something from the other person, whether it's specialness, love, or any other perceived lack.

    Real love invites us to let go of specialness and instead see everyone, including ourselves, as equally worthy expressions of God's love. It asks us to look past the body and form, and recognize the shared innocence and holiness in all beings.
    Transforming Special Relationships

    Rather than abandoning special relationships, we can transform them into holy relationships by releasing our distorted perceptions and projections.
    This involves:

    1. Recognizing that the other person's specialness is a projection of our own desire to be special.
    2. Letting go of the need to possess or change the other person.
    3. Seeing the relationship as a classroom for undoing our ego's beliefs and judgments.
    4. Inviting the Holy Spirit to reinterpret the relationship through the lens of forgiveness.

    By doing so, we experience the holy instant – a moment of recognizing our shared unity and innocence, free from the ego's demands and expectations.

    No one is "nothing" until we make them special. We are all equally worthy expressions of God's love, and specialness is a distortion that keeps us from recognizing our true, holy nature.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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