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I got knocked back from the Chinese embassy today due to my form almost being out of date.  I felt defeated all those month's of struggle for nothing, but my future boss stated that maybe the thought it was my first time going to China.  A process that would still take some time, but as I've already been it should only take a few days.

We'll see.  I still want to hold out hope.  The alternative is a lot of money/hassle.  

    1. My clothing brand

    My brother pointed out a spelling mistake in my hat.  Not only that spacing was off and one of the word's wasn't capatilized.

    I was blind to all of this.  I saw what I wanted to see, not what was there.  I've removed old stock, updated the design and will release new stock soon.

    I'll check the rest of my designs just to make sure.  Maybe I'll update everything just to be on the safe side.

    It was annoying to find out that things looked so wrong in reality, but I'm glad I found out now and not later.  Much easier to fix it now.


    2. Halloween

    I've had a hot lass wanting to party with me.  Not sure where that came from, but I'm not complaining.  Let's see how that goes.

    Still no idea what to dress as.  Thought I'd come across a costume store, but I've not seen any.

    Hopefully I can find something good before the weekend.

    3. Writing

    I wanted to write a book on psychological biases this year and I've been working away on it bit by bit, but it's still a long way off.  Hopefully I can focus more on that and get more of it written 

    I'd also like to write more comic's and release more 'The Rocco Effect ' books.

    I'm also hopefully that I sell some more of my current books.  Everyone that's read them has thanked me for the help it's given them, I just need to learn how to market them better.

    4. Millionaire

    I hope that one day all my hard work pays off and I can finally relax.  I don't want this current life I'm living, but I also don't want to be working non stop for more money.  If I can make enough to travel/support my family I'll be satisfied.
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