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How best to become antifragile in 2022?

“The three most harmful addictions are heroin. Carbohydrates, and monthly salary.” - Nassim Taleb

Fragile systems or things break under stressors, disorder, and uncertainty. Antifragile systems or things get better and thrive under them.

I like this topic, I may write a longer form and share it.

Please comment if you disagree with any of ideas, I would like to learn.

    1. Build multi-source of incomes

    By definition, if you live on one salary, you are fragile.
    With more sources of income, you are set to benefit and thrive when things go south.

    2. Do bodyweight exercise

    The more you put stress on your muscles, the stronger you get.
    Using body weight to build your muscles would benefit you more than trying everything in a gym and risk damaging your spines :)
    You are stronger after each 5 min plunks or 100 pushups.

    3. Intermittent fasting

    Fasting cleanses the body of toxins and forces it to burn fat to produce energy. Fasting for at least 3 days rejuvenates the immune system to fight infection.
    You are stronger after each fast.

    4. Build or write in public

    Test ideas in public. Some ideas or products will not be liked, but you will get better at learning what works and what does not. The more you are exposed to critics, the thicker your skin becomes. The less you care, the more you thrive.

    5. Be an essentialist

    Resist the temptation to do more or have more. You will be better off.
    You will have fewer things, fewer attachments, and more focus on what matters. The less you have, the faster you go.

    6. Learn to be alone

    If you need to always be with people, you are fragile.
    Learning to be alone with yourself to think, meditate, and reflect is a much-needed skill in an always-on world.

    7. Give more

    The more you give, the more you get. This is counterintuitive even when we people acknowledge it.
    You protect yourself from greed and self-centeredness when you give from your income without divulging it to the world, and you learn to be more empathic.

    8. Embrace Stoicism in someway

    Success can make us fragile. When we are more successful, we have more to lose. Many examples of best-selling authors were afraid to lose what they built and stopped innovating.

    9. Read “Skip the Line” By James Altucher

    Reading any books is a way to build antifragility. This book, especially, gives tools to navigate uncertainty in a changing and fast-paced world, like microskills, frame control, etc.

    10. Embrace mild fever

    Fever can be unpleasant, but it is a good stressor for the body.
    Researchers found that fever involves a series of mechanisms that regulate our immune system.
    Unless you have a higher than 38 C (100.4 F), there is no need to rush seeking natural or over-the-counter remedies to treat it.
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