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How can elder care communities deliver desirable but cost effective places to live?

Everything old is new again

    1. Multi-generational living

    Extended families living together in the same housing in the same community

    2. Light agriculture or industry

    Part of providing elder care is their feeling of usefulness and independence. Light gardening or manufacturing of products by those capable AND willing could be both beneficial to the residents and help offset costs.

    3. Allow residents ownership in skilled nursing facilities

    Towards the higher end of elder care is the skilled nursing facilities. These rely on either vary expensive bills for the resident and their families or by government subsidy. In either case, the actual resident ends up practically destitute. By allowing residents to be part owners in a facility, maybe as a corporation, they would be able to finance their elder years over a longer period of time.

    4. Reduce regulatory burdens for those wishing to provide elder care.

    5. In decades past, some employee unions, and even some corporations provided retirement homes for their members and employees. This was both a delayed benefit of employment and partially paid for by the employees themselves.

    6. Provide several different types of elder communities on the same property

    This would provide a larger pool of residents, many of whom who would need minimal actual care. What they really need are facilities designed for their ease of use. Again, this would offset some of the costs of those needing more support.

    7. No more "55+" or "retirement communities"

    Like other ideas on this list, the best and most economical form of living is multi-generational tribes or neighborhoods. This brings liveliness, productivity, income, wisdom, caretaking, etc. all into one interconnected community.

    8. Locate them in cheaper real estate markets

    Of course, all factors would have to be considered, not just property taxes, land value, etc.

    9. Private communal living

    Not sure if this is a good idea but....... allow communal living situations to operate organically and independent of outside regulation. They can admit or expel anyone they want. Everyone is free to remain or leave. All resources are shared equitably.

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