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How can I be productive during Jury Duty summons tomorrow?

Reporting at 8:00 to Dallas County Civil Courts to serve as a petit juror in civil or criminal courts. Not my first rodeo, but have never even been called on. Usually sit in a large room after watching an educational video about the process. In the old days, would take a book, but now I have the all powerful iphone with me.

    1. Read a book. Working on Donna Tartt's "The Secret History" and will certainly take that.

    2. Catch up on Wordle, Words with Friends, NYT Crossword Puzzle all on the iphone.

    3. File my nails.

    4. Search recipes and figure out what I'm going to take Memorial Day Weekend being spent with dear high school friends. Mini reunion.

    5. Try not to fret about the market. A day not trading is probably a good thing. Always good to step back, especially after the disaster close today.

    6. Mediate. There is no place to go and nothing to do. (unless I get called upon). LOL

    7. Make a new friend. It's amazing how folks stick to themselves. We're all seated in this huge room. Maybe a couple hundred of us. No one chats. No one visits. Interesting. Perhaps I'll try to engage someone.

    8. Clean up my emails, photos, notes, etc. Delete, delete, delete.

    9. Research new podcasts to listen to. Listen to something new. Anyone have an idea?

    10. Create new idea list. Of Course!

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