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How can I make £1 today?

    1. Ask for change

    £1 is a low enough amount that if I ask enough strangers one is bound to give me £1. More likely lots will give me less than a £1, but it will quickly add up to desired amount.

    2. Sell old things

    I've only been in my new home for a year and already I have books, clothes, and other items that I no longer use. If I'm not using them they are essentially worth 0,or worse less, because they clogg up soace. Selling any item for £1 is a plus and if people are willing to pay more, even better.

    3. Cook

    Everyone needs to eat. I can sell the same item, to the same customer, daily.

    I can already cook a nice curry and pastas. This takes time and if people wanted a main meal they'd probably prefer a restaurant.

    Snacks are a much better way fire me to make my £1 a day. I could focus on learning how to make a new snack each week. 52 snacks by next year will be a great start.

    Cakes, tablet, fudge, ect.

    4. Offer advice

    I already share free advice ( I'm sure I could sell a comics worth of advice for a £1.

    I could set up a spot in the street, like a busker and have a sign saying 'advice for a happier life, £1'

    5. Make pins

    Design an enamel pin. Get multiple copies made, sell pins for a profit.

    The same designs could be printed on merch /clothing as well.

    6. Write a book

    Amazon allows you to publish your own books, they take care of publishing. If you are able to write a book and find one buyer a day making your £1 will be easy.

    7. Group funding

    Provide useful content for free and ask fans to pay if they want a little extra /support the project.

    8. Online Course

    Make videos /worksheets and combine them into an online course. Charge right and you don't need to sell daily. One customer a month will be more than enough.

    9. Help

    Offer help. If people want to do something themselves, but need a little help (cleaning /moving ect) this would be an easy way to make £1 and meet new people.

    10. Podcast /sponsorship

    Talking to people who don't usally get a voice could be interesting. Or maybe there's a reason they don't have podcasts already. I enjoy talking to people and seeing their unique insights on life. If others enjoy I could get sponsors and make money for talking to people, something I would do anyway.

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