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How can I make my life-saving fundraiser a success?

I am looking for ideas on either how to make this fundraiser more compelling, or ideas on marketing the fundraiser to social platforms, groups, and beyond. Not only am I trying to achieve both my short-term and long-term goals, but I also have the subtle goal of trying to get this into the sphere of the hospital and doctors that would be best suited for my extremely rare and possibly lethal cardiac disease.

Those are just some suggestions, but I'm open to anything that will get me to the goal. Which is getting the care I need from the doctors I need, and then getting the financial support I will need to support my recovery for approximately the following 6-12 months after.

    1. Twitter

    I'm trying to get some Twitter attention. I have a few ideas but not sure which is best.

    2. Facebook

    I've also posted on my FB page, but I'm not sure what else to do there.

    3. Reddit

    I posted in /r/gamedev and /r/startups, no response yet.

    4. My email list!

    I have about 2000 people on my personal mailing list. I sent out an email yesterday and will send another today but I don't know what else to say.

    5. Can we make a viral video? (maybe using AI)

    Maybe using something like this AI video maker (not the same exact one but similar). Maybe we can make a funny video that captures the essence of my situation and then market it on social media or wherever else makes sense.

    6. Daily updates! (and maybe some videos)

    Since this fundraiser is open-ended and could go on for months, maybe doing daily updates with whatever progress has been made would be good so people can see the progress being made and hopefully continue donating while seeing their money at work.
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