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How Can I Use AI to make money

    1. Trading

    In the next 20 years, AI will be able to do algorithmic trading better than humans. This is because AI can crunch more data in a second than humans can process in a lifetime.

    2. For instance, imagine you are an algorithmic trader and you want to buy stocks that have high earnings growth and low P/E ratios (price earnings ratio)

    3. You can write an algorithm that looks at every stock in the S&P 500 (or any index) and runs a million different scenarios of how much earnings growth each company has had in the past year, what their P/E ratios are now, what their predict

    4. Then you run that against historical data to see which companies had high earnings growth with low P/E ratios

    That gives you a list of stocks to buy

    5. Then you run that list against current data to see if there is any reason why those stocks might not be good buys right now

    For instance, maybe one of them just reported lower than expected earnings so their price might drop

    6. Then you put all this into an AI algorithm that runs 24 hours a day looking for these opportunities

    And then when it sees one it buys the stock for your portfolio

    7. How does the AI know when to sell

    You set up other metrics for determining when a company is about to go down or when its price has gone too high relative to its earnings or whatever metrics you want to use
    Maybe if they say they are going to increase their dividends then it's time to sell some shares because they will probably increase them again later on so the price will go up as people anticipate future dividends going up as well as future earnings growth
    Or maybe if there's bad news about something specific about the company then it's time to sell some shares but probably buy back later on after the market has digested all of this information and prices have gone down again relative ot fundamentals

    8. All of this can be done by AI algorithms running 24 hours a day looking for these opportunities and executing trades based on your instructions and your parameters on how fast you want your money grow, etc

    It will be MUCH faster at making money than humans because humans cannot process enough information in any given moment (due to limitations of our biology) whereas AIs don't have those limitations and can process more information in one second than we could ever process during our entire lives combined (again due to biological limitations)
    Humans are good at making qualitative judgements based on experience but AIs are good at making quantitative judgements even without experience or biases or opinions or emotions or anything else getting in the way of objective analysis based purely on data and analysis of that data using machine learning techniques such as deep learning neural networks trained on historical data sets similar to what we describe here
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