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How can reuse my current content

I've made lots of content over the years. Comics, videos, advice, questions etc. How can I reuse and market these>

    1. Posters

    A poster with a little advice or a quote on it, serves as art as well as a useful reminder. Does my current format look too simple for a poster?


    2. Coffee Mug

    Similar to the poster idea, but I feel the simplistic design works much better for a coffee mug. People take mugs to work, this could serve as free advertising.


    3. Enamel pins

    I can get 50 made for less than £150. As long as I sell them for more than £3 each I'll make a profit. Pins need to be simple, so many of my drawings should work well as pins. limiting no.'s increases scarcity, increasing their worth.


    4. Book

    Make short books out of the instagram photos. Square books stand out. People like bright colours and simplicity. All I need to do is reformat my images as a pdf then self publish to amazon.


    5. Substack

    I could combine content and sell my blogs/ask for donations on sub stack.

    6. T shirts

    A t-shirt with one of my drawings/instagram images would look nice. Free advertising. Could I sell these without having to stock up multiple size t-shirts at home? Could I sell only one size? I don't want multiple t-shirts of different sizes, not until I know they'd sell.

    7. nft's

    I don't know why anyone would buy an image that is free to view elsewhere, but people do. Would it cost me to make an not? If not there's no reason not to do this.


    8. Comic

    I have over 50 comics. Make 10 more and I could release a 'just the comics' book.


    9. Keyrings

    They must be really cheep to make and people can spend unto £5 on them. Keyring can serve as a way to reuse discontinued pin ideas.


    10. Question book

    A big book with random questions. This can be left in restaurants/workplaces and customers can bond with other customers by writing their answers to the questions and reading others answers. It could also be used in pocket form (no space for writing) as a fun 'ice breaker' game.

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