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How can Vine beat TikTok?

I saw this poll on twitter and thought it would make a fun list. 

How can Vine beat TikTok?

    1. Security

    State that TikTok is run by the Chinese government and is brainwashing our citizens, then ban it. 

    It would work, but I think making an app so good that people leave willingly is better. 

    2. Folders /playlists

    I do lots of different types of video it would be nice if I could fit them into playlists 

    Comedy, advice, music ect. If someone watches one of my advice videos then sees lots of comedy they might not subscribe, but if they see a playlist of advice they might choose to subscribe to just that. 

    3. Longer videos

    10 seconds was too short. I don't think I ever saw any vines that I liked. 

    This doesn't make vine better, but it does put it back on the same level as TikTok. 

    4. Twitter/vine

    Combine the two. See a twit you want to respond to, make a vine. This is where a shorter video could do well (how long does it take to say 250 characters?). 

    You could see vines as you search twitter (or remove them from search if it's not for you). 

    This would be the biggest unique selling point that noone would be able to compete with. 

    5. Edits

    We've seen a lot of video clips taken out of context on twitter. Why not allow this, but also the option to view the full video? 

    Eg. Trump saying fine people, but if we could scroll back a bit we see him disavowing nazis /racist. 

    So the option would be full video 20mins,but I only want to comment on on five seconds, so you edit that bit into a shorter video and tweet that with your comments. Users wanting to see the full video just need to click a link to be take to it. 

    Twitter short videos/vine long

    6. Trending page

    Share trending topics so users have a way of getting a quick boost in likes /views /subscribers. 

    Eg. Now #happyhaloween is trending. Videos on that will show up if people view it on twitter or people can view on vine and just see the videos. 

    7. Live comentery

    If an event is happening promote a hashtag users can use to share their views. Or make a new type of tag so it's limited to a certain timeframe (similar to Snapchat).

    !The simpsons - users then have 3hours after the show started to talk about it. Once the times up they all disappear. 

    8. Clubs

    Users who have similar interests can join groups and see similar videos. Eg. Sports fans can join, talk to each other and share videos on their team. 

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