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How ChatGPT Can Help with Hiring

I speak with my friend ChatGPT daily. It knows stuff. It is my VA :)

Below is a list of ideas on how ChatGPT or similar AI tools can help with hiring


    1. Define the attribute of your A-Team

    What does an A-Team look like, and what are the attributes of an A-team?

    Results-driven? Accountable? How? etc.

    2. Craft Hiring Process & Questions Unique to Your Company and A-Team

    Everyone in any organization should learn how to spot a good hire. Hiring the right talent is the most critical aspect of the job of leaders and teams. ChatGPT after being trained on your mission, purpose, core values, A-team attributes, value proposition, etc. will be able to craft better questions than the generic ones that anyone can cram before an interview.

    3. Craft Job description for a role

    This can be as vague or as narrow as you want it to be based on the company or team growth stage.

    4. Create a Culture Map for a diverse Team

    ChatGPT impressed me with a great culture map document that I wish I had when I was leading a team of 12 nationalities :)

    5. Create a basic onboarding plan

    Based on the team, the role, the tools, and all the data about the organization on which ChatGPT was trained.

    6. Learning Paths to Achieve Certain Capabilities

    7. Help with one-on-one Meetings to Make Them Fun

    Boring one-on-one meetings are, well boring and a waste of time.

    8. First line of defance

    New hires tend not to ask many questions initially, although they may have tons of them. ChatGPT, armed with a wiki and knowledge about the organization, can answer questions or prepare the new hire to ask the right or good questions.

    9. Give suggestions for social activities and soon will be able to make reservations for you

    10. Be your assistant till you can afford to hire :)

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