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How could I make joke writing easier

Could I relay on more than flashes of inspiration?

    1. Read the dictionary

    I love wordplay. Where better to find useful words than a dictionary?

    e.g adore

    My girlfriend said 'Honey, I adore you' I replied 'I'm a human... and so are you.'

    2. Veer outside your comfort zone

    Steping into new areas of life lets me see things with fresh eyes. Observations are best when you're seeing things others have missed.

    eg. Wider gender spectrum

    My 3 year old was learning about sexual preferences at school today (Yeah, scotland). She came home and asked 'Dad. What are you?' I replied 'Isn't it obvious? I'm black and white. I'm really lazy and I love everyone, regardless of their gender. I'm a pan-Da'.

    3. Find the punchline

    Come up with odd scenarios and work your way out of them by finding a punchline.

    e.g Me and grandad got into a huge argument at the restaurant.....

    'She's dead grandad. Seems a shame to let her food go to waste'

    I had to put my cat down last week....

    He's getting far too fat

    What did the frog say to the crocodile ?


    4. Rewrite songs

    The song might end up useless, but you might find silly words/phrases that would work well for jokes.

    5. Watch interviews

    See if you can think of funny comebacks to questions/answers.

    6. Embrace failure

    You come up with something you find bad. Share it anyway. A lot of my favourite jokes go over peoples heads and a lot of my poorest jokes are loved by many. Share everything .

    7. Find the set up

    Come up with a punchline and work backwards.

    eg - It's all downhill from here

    Imagine slaving away. Finding it hard to breath and tracking past corpses, many of which are your friends to finally reach the summit of Mt.Everest. For what? So you can look around and release - It's all down hill from here

    8. Read

    I've come across many a phrase or word I had never heard before through reading. Reading can open up new ways of thinking/seeing the world, which in turn leads to new observations.

    9. Watch comedy

    The more you watch the more you start to see the world through their eyes.

    10. Seek the bad

    Seek comedians you hate and jokes that no-one should be laughing at, then relies how much some people adore them. If they can do it, so can you. You're not that bad, are you?

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