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How could students get more from college?

Everyone's going to hate my list. I graduated in 1989 and I realize things have changed even if I am not totally clued in to those changes.

    1. Join the Greek system

    Great way to enhance social skills and do extra curricular activities.

    2. Extra curricular activities

    If you don't join the Greek system then figure out another way to do extra curricular activities, there are plenty.

    3. Take a class or two every summer

    You'll be grateful to be able to have a lighter load for a couple of semesters.

    4. Go to class and engage

    Maybe this is dated now but you'll learn better and hopefully your professors will know who you are.

    5. Play sports

    This doesn't have to mean at the inter-collegiate level. I played volleyball and basketball in the fraternity league which is the equivalent of club level. Many great benefits from expending effort athletically as part of a team.

    6. There are only 3 majors

    Accounting, engineering and everything else. This was advice given to me and while I think mathematics and probably computer science are also majors, my degree in economics clearly falls into "everything else."

    7. Jobs and internships

    Here I mean things you could put on your resume.

    8. Consider 2 years at junior/community college

    A way to graduate with less debt.

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