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How could students get more from college?

I didn't want to go to college but James hadn't written his book 50 alternatives to college yet. My parents said I have to. My nephew has said recently that he didn't want to go to college. He is being told that's not an option.

You are in your comfy life and don't want to disrupt the status quo.. how can you benefit from college even if you don't want to be there?

    1. Take classes you want.

    Even if you don't go to college, take a class on whatever interests you. I took a class on the history of comics because I was interested in that.

    2. Make a business

    Take whatever skills you are learning and apply them to a business. I did this with my first website when I was in high school.

    3. Get feedback

    In college, or outside of college, get feedback from people who are experts in your field. Find out what they think is missing from your skill set and work hard to improve it.

    4. Be around smart people

    I always found the smartest people at whatever college I was at and try to learn from them as much as possible.

    5. Don't be afraid to fail

    When I started my first company in 1998, we failed miserably and had to shut down within six months. But we learned so many things about how not to run a business that has helped me ever since then. And now I have multiple businesses so even if one fails, others will succeed (and vice versa).

    6. Read more than anyone else would read

    This is advice James gave me when he was an undergrad and iw as post-doc at NYU medical school where he worked for awhile before starting his first company (we met there). He said he would read books for pleasure but also find time to read books about any subject he wanted to learn about (he even made lists of what books would best help him learn about each subject). This is how he got so good at starting companies so quickly after graduating medical school.
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