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How could you make a living by playing games


    1. Streaming

    If you are good at a game, you can stream it and people will watch. (see "How to be a professional twitch streamer" for more info)

    2. Playing in tournaments

    The best players in the world compete in tournaments of various games. You can make money by winning these. (also see "How to be a pro gamer" for more info)

    3. Coaching

    People want to get better at games so they will pay someone who is better than them to teach them.

    4. Making your own game

    There are many ways to do this but here's an article I wrote about it: https://notepd.com/blog/how-to-make-a-game-without-programming/

    5. Being a VR game tester

    Many companies need people to test their VR games before releasing them. Note that you don't have to be good at the games but just able to give feedback on what is fun or not fun about the experience of playing them. Here's an article I wrote about how one person made $2000 a month doing this: https://notepd.com/blog/vr-game-tester/

    6. Game Organizer

    CompetitionOrganizer Organize gaming tournaments and competitions. Offer prizes to the winners, and attract sponsors to help cover the costs. People who enter the competitions can pay an entry fee, and you can also charge for other services such as coaching or help with setting up the tournament.

    7. Game Writer

    Writer Create guides, reviews, and articles about games. Publish them online and on gaming websites, and charge for them or offer them for free. Through your writing, you can gain a reputation as an expert on games and be paid for your expertise.

    8. Game Publisher

    After you create and market your own game, you use those same skills and network to publish and market games for others. Of course, the best way to market games is to play them with potential buyers.

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