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How dealerships could earn more money

The shock absorbers on my car were going out and I took it to a mechanic and he told me that he did not quite know how to fix the exact issue that was wrong with my car.

Next I took it to the dealership. It was a little bit more expensive, but the service was better and they fixed the problem correctly. It was worth paying a little extra in my opinion.

But being the idea machine that I am, there were a few things that came to find about how the dealership could make more money.

    1. Have a physical store on site.

    They have a service department, but there was no place that they sold physical products. If I am going to be waiting for my car to be fixed or purchasing a new car, maybe I would also like to browse products that would make my car better.

    2. More robust online store

    Right now, I can schedule auto service, order parts or order tires. I cannot order air fresheners, Stain remover, car wash sponge/towel.

    Start selling more online items and expand the inventory over time.

    This could also lead to taking a cut of 3rd party sellers. Could also lead to sellers paying to advertise their products on the site.

    The online website could also have car articles, a newsletter, demo videos. This would all build interest in the sale of new or pre-owned vehicles.

    3. Sell a monthly membership fee for their lounge. Like the airport lounges

    They offer snacks, drinks, wi-fi and a nice, quiet atmosphere.

    4. When my vehicle was fixed and I went to pick it up they did not ask me: Hey do want to go ahead and schedule an oil change six months from now?

    Create a database of customers and see if they would like yearly car services. Maybe after coming in for several years or spending X number of dollars they get a discount. If you get their phone number call them or email every year about specials, discounts, updates about what is happening at the dealership.

    5. Dealership loyalty program

    If you join our yearly/monthly program, you get access to discounts at these stores and you get money off your next vehicle purchase.

    6. Dealership credit card

    Maybe this already exists, not sure.

    7. Gas Station - Electric vehicle charging

    Allow the public to fill up at your dealership.

    8. Dealership YouTube channel

    What is happening at the dealership today?
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