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How did you arrive at where you are? (2 min 16 sec)

A. You cheated.
B. You're an imposter.
C. You're lucky.
D. You're a genius.
E. It's your destiny.

    1. Our lives, like a script, are predetermined as a journey back to God.

    The script unfolds perfectly, even if it appears chaotic from our limited perspective. The choices we think we make are part of the illusion of separation from our true selves. True freedom comes from aligning with the will of love and not clinging to the ego's desires for control.
    The provided answer choices reflect the ego's perspective, not spiritual truth.
    Cheating/Imposter/Genius: These terms assign blame and create a sense of separation, contrary to the emphasis on forgiveness and non-judgment.
    Lucky/Destiny: These terms imply external forces determining outcomes, whereas a non-dualistic view highlights taking responsibility for our choices within the preordained script.
    Understanding the script is already written doesn't mean there's no point in trying. We can still choose love, forgiveness, and trust in the unfolding of the script.
    We have arrived where we think we are through the power of our minds and the choices we have made, consciously or unconsciously, that align with either love or fear, truth or illusion.
    Our true "destiny" is to awaken to our eternal, innocent, loving nature, but we must choose to accept this destiny. The external details of our life situation are less relevant than our internal state of mind.
    When we embrace forgiveness, non-judgment, and trust in God's plan we find peace within the preordained script of our lives.
    While our lives are predetermined, we still must choose to align our minds with love and trust in the perfect unfolding of the script. This journey is not about external factors like luck, destiny, or personal attributes, but rather about our willingness to accept the truth of divine Love.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you
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