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How different will the world be 20 years from now?

Not as much as you think. But enough that you'll notice (maybe).

The first one is the real game-changer that leads to all other development.

How different will the world be 20 years from now?

    1. Someone will have figured out how to mine an asteroid

    Cracking an asteroid will immediately make that person the richest in the world (likely that it is already the richest person in the world who figures it out). It opens up untold capacity for mining what were previously considered "rare" earth elements.

    These are the elements found in every piece of modern micro computing technology.

    The market immediately adapts to the new glut of space metal.

    Technology becomes CHEAPER to produce and less dirty for earthlings to mine and process except we won't have to do it here because we'll have...

    2. Offworld processing

    A waystation between the asteroid and Earth will contain the offworld processing facility to remove that hazard from the confines of earth which means...

    3. Technology becomes even cheaper

    It will continue to become cheaper, but as the components of computing equipment becomes asymptotically closer to nil in terms of marginal cost to produce which means...

    4. We'll have an even bigger proliferation of integrated technology.

    It's what it is. Just don't get microchipped. Because if you do, you might not be able to...

    5. Live more freely than ever

    Ironically, and against all observation, the world is neither getting more dangerous nor more costly to live in. That means that as people are freed up to pursue more valuable pursuits, they can find ways to exchange energy (i.e. money) in more enriching ways than digging in the dirt for rare metal.

    You can live the way you want because we'll see...

    6. Self-sustaining micro arcology development come online

    It's like a microhome + a greenhouse. You can bet that fabrication of materials will become cheaper and more readily available to people who need basic housing because of the proliferation of technology. Robots can roll in and assemble your home.

    More importantly, you could store your own energy because...

    7. Battery technology will have become reliable to the point of mass storage in exceedingly compact form factors

    You juice it up on the cheap because...

    8. Next generation nuclear technology will be online and prevalent

    Gen 4 and 5 reactors are already going up across the globe. In two decades, they will be powering the planet with long-lasting energy that uses old nuclear fuel without any of the danger of the dirty mid-20th century era technology.

    That's good because someone will have to keep your VR set online because...

    9. The Metaverse will be available in a more mature form

    Technically, the metaverse in is in your pocket on your phone. Then there's the weird pseudo Second-Life 3D thing going on with the weird avatars and the "real estate" scams. That's not it. Someone will have figured out how to integrate virtual spaces in a way that isn't a sad parody of life, but rather an extension of one.

    You'll want to have access so you can be a part of the...

    10. Afterglow of the health and wellness revolution

    I can't tell you how many spaces I'm seeing get crossed up (or idea sexed, @JamesAltucher!) with fitness and health. It's crazy. Games, writing, religion, reading groups, music. Everybody wants to be the fit healthy group in their own niche. This is great because if the metaverse takes shape in a way that enables people to connect anywhere and feel natural inside it, they will actually find ways to stay active, learn from other fit people, and participate in metaverse fitness challenges.

    You could be running a marathon on your treadmill with a million people from all over the world (and Mars) at the same time.

    Then after you should step off your treadmill and take a walk down to your local restaurant and have a celebratory beer, because those people will still be there serving you with a smile. Keep them and your community thriving, too, no matter how global we get.

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