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How Do I Find Time for Things Other than my Day Job?

    1. Start a business and be your own boss

    On some level you actually work harder than an employee but you also get to choose what you work on so it does not seem so much like work

    2. Get the tough chores done first

    The sad truth is that you will never finish a to do list. But if you focus on accomplishing the important stuff for the day first then you will have made so much progress by noon you can reward yourself with some other activities.

    3. Do not answer the phone

    This helps to screen out the time wasting and robot calls that do not leave a message and lets you pick the times you will return calls on your schedule.

    4. Do you really have to solve every problem or answer every email or can you delegate it?

    5. Train your staff so they can handle more on their own.

    6. Improve everything

    It does not matter if you are an employee or the boss focus on why you were needed and see if you can improve the process.

    7. The official work day is only 1/3rd of each day - stop complaining!

    Cut your commute and get your job done in 8 hours, cut back on TV and other distractions and you will still have 8 hours left for sleep and another whole "work day" for outside your day job.

    8. Most employees only work 5 days a week.

    That works out to only working 2080 hours out of 8760 hours a year in the USA but you probably work less than that because of Holidays and Vacation, in Europe you work even less hours!

    9. Avoid activities that waste your time

    10. Make room for your loved ones

    Not everything is about getting more done. The time you take out of your schedule for your loved ones is much more rewarding.

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