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How do you convince one million people to give you $1?

So the first problem is getting 1,000,000 people to even respond. You could pay for a list but that might end up costing you more than you collect. Therefore, I think you need to post on several platforms to get enough users that a response of less than 0.1% will get you to 1,000,000 eyes. So you need to post on enough platforms to get at least 100,000,000 people to view your offer. Next it is about value. Can you offer a deal so good that they willingly part with $1 and your order process to make payment for what you are offering.


    1. Offer them something they believe is worth much more than $1

    It could be anything but a digital product is going to be fairly easy to offer and provide instant gratification to the consumer.

    2. Offer a money back guarantee

    This will help you get more subscribers

    3. Make your funnel offer multiple offers so they cannot refuse the value you are offering

    Once they see your offer keep making it better so they cannot refuse the deal maybe you start with something valuable for free and then offer something you say is worth $1000 for a just $1 as an add on.

    4. Promote your offer on multiple platforms

    If you are going to get 100,000,000 to even see your offer you are going to need to be everywhere: Facebook, youtube, amazon, instagram, tiktok etc.

    5. Partner with influencers

    Can you get partners with their own subscribers to promote your offer? You will need them!

    6. Offer them $10

    You never said you had to do this profitably! But you know your list might be able to be sold at a profit so it could all work out!

    7. What is the point?

    If you are going to this much trouble why not sell something more valuable to less people?

    8. Write a pop song and sell it online

    9. Get a viral video to promote your sale

    10. Hire an agency to do it for you

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