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How do you convince one million people to give you $1?

    1. Walk Across America

    I'm not sure where the tradition started but I've seen younger kids on their birthdays walk around to strangers and ask them to pin a dollar to your shirt.

    For a million smack-a-roos, make a youtube/social channel about your journey walking across America (or any country for that matter) and get a million people to pin a million dollars to you.

    You could create a Kickstarter to go along with it and accept donations.

    2. Only Fans

    I mean. . .it obviously works. You could have live $1 "Happy Hours" 😅

    3. Sell a Million Copies of a $1 book

    4. Become a TV Preacher

    5. Personalized Bracelets

    You know the rubber ones. Though they didn't make a milli, on MFM pod, the host made thousands in a week by starting a company like this. And technically, single people made large orders. So. . . not a million people.

    6. Create a Betting Game

    This would only work in big cities that have thousands of people a day riding the train. Like the lottery, create an app that anyone can download and set up random geo locations along the train route.

    Send out alerts. When you get an alert on your phone you buy a ticket for $1. As the group passes something like a slot machine wheel or a wheel of fortune wheels starts to spin. Everyone waiting to see who will win.

    Someone wins a jackpot once enough people are in the bet.

    7. Create an app that a million people will download

    8. Make a Fake Toll

    Get an outfit and build a small booth. Charge one dollar to continue

    9. Start a vending machine empire

    It will take some time but start in a city and expand out across the country until one million people have put a dollar in your machines.

    10. Sell Fish On TikTok

    I imagine they're pretty easy and cheap to raise. Create some type of hype around your fish and get a million orders.

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