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Katie Ulrych


How do you find your passion? How do you know if that's your passion?

oops i was assuming that your passion is your job. I also brought up the AI suggetions and now I can't close the box. So I am just going to go ahead and post what I have.

    1. Do anything that excites you

    Do it all. If it makes you happy just do it.

    2. It will proceed if it really resonates with your soul

    If you continue to like it and it makes you happy stay with it. I was afraid teaching would make me not want to have kids. That I would hate children like I saw most teachers do. I love them even more now .

    3. If you feel constantly overwhelmed and angry. stop.

    some things look good on paper and sound good to say but might stress you out too much. just stop them.

    4. Keep doing new things all the time.

    Try and do one crazy new thing a day and journal about it. Did it make you happy put a smiley face next to it.

    5. Don't do things just for the money

    Money is nice and makes us happy but if the only reason you are doing it.. stop.

    6. Ask a psychic

    why not. maybe something they tell you will make you think of something differently

    7. Think about doing the thing for the rest of your life.

    how do you feel?

    8. Would you do this job if you weren't paid?

    If no, stop.

    9. Does it give you more energy or less

    if it excites you keep doing it. if it drains you.. stop.

    10. If you are having a bad day and do the passion does it make you happy

    do it.

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