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How do you find your passion? How do you know if that's your passion?

    1. Try a bunch of stuff. Experiment, test, repeat.

    2. Let go of the idea that one day you will suddenly arrive at your passion.

    3. It's okay to have multiple passions.

    4. Try to make little bets. For example, if you think your passion is to become a lawyer, could you meet with some law students to discuss? Could you intern or shadow at a law firm? Could you start as a legal assistant or paralegal?

    5. If you are passionate about something but that feeling goes away, don't beat yourself up.

    6. Define 'passion' for yourself - what does 'passion' mean to you?

    7. Where you spend your time outside of work? What Podcasts do you listen to? What books do you read? What is in your YouTube search history? Are there common elements between all of these mediums?

    8. Do you know someone who is passionate about something? (Of course you do.) Interview that person about their passion journey.

    9. If the word 'passion' is a stumbling block, throw it out. Replace with 'interests' or 'things I enjoy doing or talking about.'

    10. Help other people find their passion. By helping others, you might have more clarity yourself.

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