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Steve Alvest


How do you go about New Year Resolutions?


    1. Prepare in advance

    January 1st is psychologically the best day for a fresh start. I get everything ready so I have the least friction possible to get started on January 1st.

    2. Make things measurable

    For each goal I have, I have some metric that I can measure and keep track of.

    3. Expect imperfection

    It's best to be flexible and have a plan for how to get back onto the wagon if you fall off the wagon.

    4. Create regular milestones

    Weekly or monthly milestones work best for me.

    5. Make goals easily attainable with perserverance

    If you want to lose ten pounds, plan to lose one pound a month instead of trying to lose ten pounds in January.

    6. Reward yourself for reaching milestones

    For example, I buy a new baseball card for my collection whenever I make progress towards my next work promotion.

    7. Reassess regularly

    If it's June and I'd already fallen off the wagon with a goal, I would reassess and decide how to continue to make progress toward the goal in the remainder of the year.

    8. It's okay to quit

    Sometimes a goal that sounded like a great idea in December turns out to be something you dread. Not all ideas are great ideas.

    9. It's okay to double down

    Other times, you blast right past your goals and enjoy doing it. Don't stop. Maybe you should move the goal posts and continue.

    10. Make the goal extremely specific

    I just looked at the SMART goals guidelines to see if I missed anything. I missed "Specific." I think it's very important that my goals don't look like "lose weight, make more money, and be better." Instead, it should look more like "lose 21 pounds, make $10,000 more this year, and donate $500 to charity."

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