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How Do You Set Yourself Up For a Good Day?

It involves silence, diet, connecting with family, brain puzzles, giving a pet love, and more.

How Do You Set Yourself Up For a Good Day?

    1. Setting myself up for a good day starts the night before, with good sleep.

    That's a whole thread of its own, but it includes abstaining from alcohol nearly all the time, not intaking food within 2 hours of sleep, and unwinding by reading before bed.

    2. Before even getting out of bed, I wake my brain with word puzzles.

    My current go-to puzzles are Wordle and Quordle. I do these in bed, before anything else. The puzzles help to prime my brain for the day ahead.

    3. I connect with family via SMS messages.

    I use Wordle and Quordle to connect with family after awakening.

    I have one SMS thread with my wife and in-laws; another with my wife and daughters.

    It's our way to contact & support each other first thing in the morning.

    4. I feed my cat & spend a few minutes with her. If she lets me :)

    No one needs a pet, and having one is a decision to provide care in a largely one sided relationship.

    A pet won't ever cook for you, doesn't talk with you, and is a net financial negative.

    We do it for love.

    5. I meditate for 20 minutes.

    Also a habit worthy of many threads of its own. I currently use the @WakingUp app for a daily meditation upon awakening, and also @tenpercent at times.

    This conditions my mind to not get overwhelmed with mental noise and distractions so common.

    6. Avoid heavy carbs at breakfast

    Long ago, I tried intermittent fasting for my dietary regimen, It worked well for me, but I prefer more regular eating patterns.

    I feel more energy and less brain fog if I minimize carbs in the morning. Protein, veggies, and some nuts for me.

    7. As I think of tasks, I write them down.

    As I wake up, my mind naturally starts racing with things I need to do.

    Similar to the Capture method described by David Allen in Getting Things Done, I simply write down tasks to get them out of my mind.

    8. I plan a time for my workout / exercise.

    I'm not much of a morning person when it comes to physical activity and almost always work out in the afternoon.

    Even though I don't work out in the morning, early in the day I make a plan for it, so I know it will happen.

    9. Driving into work, I maintain silence.

    I'm lucky to have a commute of ~15 minutes when I go into work. I used to listen to music or podcasts driving in, but now I maintain silence in my car.

    I do better with silence instead of auditory stimuli on the drive in.

    10. Be grateful

    I really need to start journalling my gratitude but while I don't do that, throughout the early morning I'm mindful of the things for which I should be grateful. Every positive experience is a gift!

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