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How I lost 15 lbs. since January

I'm 12 lbs. from my best weight since being an athlete. I honestly do not want to get back to competitive athlete level, but would be thrilled to be in the same shape I was before 30.

    1. Get out of shape....

    That makes it easier to lose weight.

    2. Walk

    I have a bad knee, and back, and I never liked running, even though I am really good at it. I don't mind walking, so this has been a big increase for me and my spouse. Trying to get 10k steps a day, it's not really that hard. Take 2-3 longer walks and just go about your normal day. If I get over 7k steps, I feel pretty decent about myself.

    3. Fast

    Working from home, this is pretty easy for me. Try and not eat anything (besides coffee/water) until about 2 or 3pm. Then two smaller meals that day.

    4. Lower carb

    I have been eating bananas, some apples, and some grapes and whatever vegetables. Otherwise, mostly low carb. Mostly no dairy. (except cottage cheese). Eggs, meat, beans, nuts are the bulk of my food.

    5. Lift weights

    I'm actually going to the gym less than I was last year. Minimum 2x a week (usually Sat/Sun) and maybe one day during the week. Started doing more leg work, which I usually neglect. After hurting my shoulder some, I decided to go way down in weight everywhere and lift with really good form. Slowly. Haven't had any issues yet. Only go up in weight when it is getting too easy.

    6. Drink more water

    Trying this lately. I do like water, but I drink a lot of coffee and my stomach doesn't like when I mix both.

    7. Sleep well

    Never had an issue here, but am making sure I get enough sleep.

    8. Drinking less

    Was drinking every night during 2020. Now maybe 1-2x a week.

    9. Faturday

    Saturday I eat whatever. But, I am going to scale back a bit, bc I don't feel as good at my lift on Saturday if I've eaten something not great. I was getting a breakfast sandwhich from chik-fil-a, going to cut that out tomorrow and see how I feel at the workout. Just steak and maybe bacon at home. Maybe I'll make a sandwhich. But, in the afternoon, I'll enjoy something.

    10. Discipline

    Just like writing a list everyday. You've gotta have discipline. You can be a disciplined person and get off track (like I have), but we're all capable of getting back on the horse.

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