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How I will stay moderate in my beliefs

I used to be fairly conservative. Then 2016 happened. I now find myself swinging left. I was very much socially liberal, so I'm not sure how conservative I was, but I was very religiously conservative. I don't want to be extreme in anything. Here is how I'm planning to prevent that from occurring.


    1. Don't center my beliefs on a political talking point, but have a point of view based on personal conviction

    In my case, I think if I center my point of view on Love, I might be able to moderate most extreme positions. Most of my conservative positions were based on a political talking point about one issue. It wasn't a holistic point of view.

    2. Check the source of the trigger

    If it's riling me up, then I need to check the source and dial my reactions back. Moderation will not come out of of anger or irritation.

    3. Understand where the belief would lead you - what is the end of the belief?

    Does it leave you in an extreme position?

    4. Understand who is impacted by your belief or the end state. If it results in cruelty or disregard for any child of God, it is extreme. Here's a flash from the past: Would Jesus Do It?

    5. Does it seem like my belief would get me gold stars from one side or the other?

    Consider whether it is extreme? See previous points.

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