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How I'll make £1mill this year

Even if I fall short I'll be pretty happy with £100K.

    1. Marketing

    My products look amazing, but if noone sees them then it doesn't matter how great they are.

    I could start small. Sacrifice a night out in order to buy Facebook ads. Or ads anywhere to be fair.

    I could make friends with like minded people.  I'm joining a stoic chat tonight and another tomorrow.  Even if I don't advertise then if I make friends they'll eventually see what I do and will be far more in favour of it due to building trust first.

    2. Mega product

    Building is easy marketing is difficult.  Selling something cheep is about as hard as selling something expensive, so why not make something expensive.  Selling 1 item instead of 100.

    I'm not really sure what I could sell for a huge price, but If I ponder on it for a few days I'm sure I'll think of something.

    3. Kids clothing + collectables

    Have clothing that kid's want to collect and show off.  Something like modern day pogs.  Cool designs that kids use as status symbols.

    4. Worldwide

    If I hope to make enough sales I'll need to go worldwide.  How do I market to other countries?

    5. Podcast

    I can share short advice and slowly build up a new following.  If they're already looking to improve themselves then they'll be far more likely to appreciate my store.

    6. Lottery

    Gambling might be the quickest way to a million.  It's also the biggest risk, probably best to avoid this.

    7. Kid's book

    I've seen a lot of people looking for stoicism for kid's type books.  I'm sure I could do that.

    8. Popeman book, comic, movie

    It's a great story.  I think I could do a lot more with it.  It's already written, maybe a book is the best next step.

    If someone reads it and love's it the next steps would be far easier.

    If this works I'll work on the even longer story of junkieman.

    9. Stand up comedy

    I'll perform and soon be noticed as the greatest living comic kick-starting my career in comedy.

    Or I'll find a few new fan's that would want to support me.  Win win.

    10. Album

    I can create an album of my best original songs and sell that on iTunes and Spotify, soon becoming the biggest artist in the world.  I'll tour the world singing my stupid songs and make millions in the process.

    Example of my work -

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