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Nicola Fisher


How I'm using the PARA Method in Twos and elsewhere

I wrote about the PARA method before. I have the book by Tiago Forte, Building A Second Brain. It really clicked recently and I've implemented the PARA method in Twos, my work email, my project planning and in Obsidian. It's made a ton of difference!

    1. PARA

    Stands for:






    2. Projects

    This includes what I'm currently working on or something that's imminently in the pipeline.

    In Twos, I include my work and personal projects, my husband's business, the house, the garden. Each project is created as a list. Each list may have sublists.

    When I started this new contract last year, I was inundated with emails. Anything that seemed like it was significant became a folder. There was little logic. I tried to file everything so that I could find it later. Now that I appreciate the importance - or not - or different information, it was easy to categorise emails and folders using the PARA method. Everything is much easier to find and my logic is fairly consistent.


    3. Areas

    I see these as areas of responsibility. These include being a manager, a wife, a home owner, responsible for finances. Again, these are all lists.

    4. Resources

    Many of my public lists are found in this section. This area is a resource for lists. My watch list, listen list, read list plus many others.

    At work, resources are third party contacts, networks, information.

    5. Archive

    I think Tiago says that if an item goes into the archive, do you really need it? This section might contain old, completed projects that might come in handy some day. I have a couple of things that I don't refer to very often - a log of dates and room numbers for stays at our favourite hotel, and how to do symlinks.

    6. Organised

    When I first read about PARA, I wasn't sure what difference it might make to me. But, having tried it out and set up all my lists and folders this way, I can see the benefit. I can go straight to the information I want. I know where everything is.

    7. Obsidian

    PARA works brilliantly in Obsidian. It lends itself to note keeping.


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