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How I've grown in the last year

Have I grown?  If not, why not?

    1. Courageous

    Maybe courage isn't the right word, I'm not scared of failure because I know I'll survive should it come.  I'll learn from it and continue to grow.

    I started my own business this year.  It sounds scary before you look at it, but once you look into it it's a pretty simple process.  Each failure leads to a stronger business in the long run.

    I also defended a lass from her psycho boyfriend.  And I'd do it again despite the Trauma that followed.  When you're doing what's right it's not about being courageous, it's just something you do.

    2. Smarter

    I'm always reading.  I can't really remember what I learnt this year compared to what I learnt last year, but I'm sure I know more than I did anyway.

    I know how to build a Shopify site and sell my own clothing range.  I've learnt that it can take over a year since a crime before it's taken to court.  I've learnt that the mental health crisis is far worse than I thought.  I've learnt the process for getting a Chinese visa.  I've learnt how to negotiate for a better deal.

    3. Better writer

    Maybe I'm being biased, but when I try my writing's far better than it was.  When I have the energy I can write amazing lists.  This is a big thing for me as I hated writing in school, it's took a long time for me to get here, but I know love it.  It's a challenge that I want to get even better at.

    4. Ukulele

    I'm playing it a lot better now.  Maybe I'll get a guitar next year for a new challenge.  I've still got a fair bit to go, but I'm proud of my progress here.

    5. Stand Up

    I had lessons at the start of the year and performed in May.  I want to start writing more joke's and hopefully perform again soon.  Lot's of fun and knowing that things will be okay even after a bomb helps build confidence.

    6. AI

    I had no clue what it was last year, so even though I'm still a novice at it I'm infinitely better than I was last year.

    7. Stoic

    I've gotten more into Stoicism this year and it's really helped me through tough time's and grow in general.  I might make a list on how it's helped me in the future.
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