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How Life Changes When A Spouse Is Away

The wife has been in the hospital (planned but cancelled, then unplanned surgery... and the basis of a list about insurance companies and hospitals, maybe for another day).

She's OK, hope to have her home today, but tomorrow for sure.

What's changed when things like this happen?

How Life Changes When A Spouse Is Away

    1. Schedule gets blown up.

    Especially when the hospital says one thing for starting a procedure, but ends up being done hours later. Understand why, but they don't communicate well. And when the patient is on pain meds, can't expect them to keep you up to date. Forget about the teenager complaining about waiting two+ hours to see him mom when we said it would be when we got to the hospital.

    2. Transport for the kid

    Works Wednesdays. Have to do drop off as well as pick up. Good thing he starts after I get out of work...

    3. WFH / Hospital Trips

    I'm fortunate that I can do a lot of work from home, so the last two days have been WFH some, then to the hospital to visit and transport things she needs.

    4. What Will It Cost?

    We'll reach our annual deductible with this... and so there goes the shed replacement for now.

    5. More Chores

    Food shopping, laundry need to be done. The kid does help, so there's that. We did do it, but yard work got set aside for a biut

    6. Puppy Matters

    Less time at home means more puppy to dissipate later in the day than usual. They, too, like their routines. And he does miss his mom. What does that translate to? Mostly regression with housebreaking. And, yes, we take him out often...

    7. Communications Hub

    I'm texting & calling her family, my family, our Pastor, etc., etc.. At least now she's in better shape and can update folks from the hospital. Thank goodness for cel phones.

    8. Racking Up Mileage

    Hospital is about 20 miles as the crow flies. We'll have at least six round trips after today. Not a big deal, but they changed a main road to one-way, so I've had to learn a new way to get out of town from the hospital.

    9. Reschedules and Cancellations

    Was able to get the church board meeting tomorrow pushed back. I'm off tomorrow's football game. Tonight's 7pm Zoom call for work? To be determined.

    10. Fast Food

    Hungry at 9:30pm when leaving the hospital means getting Burger King on the way home, since they're apparently open. Dunkin when I remember I forgot to eat lunch before going to the hospital, and its the only place between where I am and the hospital. Oh, and the hospital cafeteria, where they did have slices of a nice six foot Italian sub for sale. And in which I indulged, along with an oatmeal raisin cookie.

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