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How much clothing do I really need?

I'm interested in minimalism and wondering how many things I really need.


    1. 7 pairs of socks

    One for every day of the week.

    2. 7 underpants and 7 t-shirts


    3. 2 pairs of jeans

    Some fans of quality jeans claim that you never have to wash them.

    4. 1 pleated pants and 1 cargo pants

    5. 5 light sweaters

    6. 1 heavy winter jacket, 1 pair of gloves, 1 wool scarf

    7. 1 cycling jacket, 1 umbrella

    8. 1 coat

    For festive occasions in the cool season. Weddings and funerals -> once every few years

    9. 2 wool caps, a peaked cap, a straw hat

    10. 1 dark suit jacket/white shirt/tie

    For the same occasions as the coat

    11. 1 ski pants

    For skiing (maybe twice a year)

    12. 1 cycling shorts

    13. 1 belt

    14. 2 good dark shirts

    15. 1 pair of shorts

    16. Do shoes count as clothing?

    I need 1 pair of winter boots, 2 pairs of sneakers, ski boots, 1 pair of dark loafers, 1 pair of Croqs, 1 pair of hiking shoes

    17. Otherwise I can't think of anything...

    18. However! 1 leather jacket

    To look cool. Two times a year?

    19. And one last thing: my old Walkjanker

    This is a heavy wool jacket with metal buttons. Bought on a whim 25 years ago.


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