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How NotePD lends itself to writing atomic essays

A new round of Ship 30 for 30 has started recently. I took part last year around October/November. It was a great practice - I learned a lot - and NotePD reminds me sometimes of that process.

I often used to write late at night - when the house was quiet. We were still living on a building site back then and it was always very loud. I regularly do the same with my NotePD lists.

I had to maintain my streak so that kept me accountable. Ditto, NotePD. I also posted my essays on Twitter. (I should post my lists more regularly).

A lot of Ship 30 for 30 participants use Typeshare. It gives you the option to create and export essays, and write Twitter threads. It works well and, for a time, I liked the essay graphics. After a while though, seeing these graphics every day on Twitter becomes less impactful.

It made me think that NotePD would work really well for atomic essays.

This is an essay originally written for Ship 30 for 30. I've tweaked it a bit.

    1. What changes when you live life gently?

    Looking back over my career, there are very few times when I truly made a difference. Much of the work I did has no value now. It's all been forgotten. Often I was shuffling papers across a desk. I wish I'd understood earlier that there was a different way.

    The nudging began in my thirties. All I remember of that decade are the countless trains, planes and automobiles that ferried me up and down the country.

    I always felt that there had to be something more.

    2. Don't leave it as long as I did to find your 'something more'.

    It's easy to think, when you're in your twenties or thirties, that life stretches out ahead of you.

    Until, suddenly, you find yourself twenty years older and with not much to show for it. A gentle life is about living your dreams by taking time to tune in, reconnect and discover what gives your life meaning.

    If we don't carve out the life that we truly want to live, someone else will shape it for us.

    3. Allow yourself to enjoy life

    I have to give myself permission to relax and have fun. Maybe you do too. My work ethic is deeply engrained. I'm still learning how to fit in downtime and make space for what brings me joy.

    Life is short. Live it now.

    4. You make room for new experiences

    A life lived gently has open space built into it. Whether you time block, work a shorter week, have great boundaries, you define how you spend your time.

    Do more of what brings you joy. Make room for it.

    5. There's always another way

    Being true to yourself is the key to loving your life.

    We may have always lived and worked in a certain way, but it doesn't mean we can't change.

    What sort of life do you dream of? It's never too late to make it a reality.

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